OnePlus killing off invite system - good news!


OnePlus killing off invite system - good news!

OnePlus will reveal their all new handset early in the morning of the 15th of June, 2016.

We've been hearing about the OnePlus 3 for quite a while now, with numerous leaks pointing to a launch in summer 2016. That has proven to be true, and the company is going big with the launch set to take place in Virtual Reality at a space station called The Loop - where you'll even be able to buy the new phone.

That's all kinds of fancy but we're most excited about another annoucement, that OnePlus is killing off invites for good!

Previously you had to be given an invite in order to be able to buy a OnePlus product, either through a waiting list or contest or from another OnePlus customer. It was a great way to drum up interest and hype and also allowed the small company to make sure it could meet demand for their highly anticipated smartphones.

Thankfully, OnePlus has scaled up enough to no longer need the invite system, and all phones will be available to buy at any time, including the OnePlus 3. That makes this launch a massive deal for the company, as they hope to handle the demand of thousands of customers ordering the new handset at the same time.

The OnePlus 3 launches on the 15th of June, 2016.

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