OnePlus launches fancy gear line with flash sale


OnePlus launches fancy gear line with flash sale

OnePlus has been busy. Not content to corner the market on affordable high spec phones, they've also just launched a new range of fancy products.

OnePlus Gear is exactly what it sounds like - a range of lifestyle products from the phone makers. They're launching today with a 24 hour flash sale which lasts until the 4th of November.

You can get Messenger Bags, backpacks and T-shirts, and while they're not especially cheap they certainly look well.

This bag goes for 50 quid and currently shipping to Ireland is around €15. If you order more than 100 quid of stuff you get shipping for free. So this is probably the ideal time to consider getting a nice bag at the same time as your new OnePlus 3 smartphone.

Remember the sale ends soon, so get over here and check their stuff out.

OnePlus launches fancy gear line with flash sale on
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