OnePlus thinks wearables are too risky


OnePlus thinks wearables are too risky

OnePlus has been developing quite the reputation and fanbase of late. Naturally, these fans hope that the company will shake up other devices as it has smartphones, but OnePlus won’t be delving into certain markets any time soon.

OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei told Techradar that the company is constantly asked when they’re going to make a smartwatch or a tablet. Responding to the smartwatch request, Pei said that he thinks they’re too risky.

"I think it's too risky," Pei said. "If we had jumped aggressively into Android Wear we would have lost a lot of money." He added, “You have to trust your own judgement, that's something we've come to learn over the past three years. You have to look objectively at the market and not be affected by pressure or excitement."

Similarly, OnePlus isn’t ready to dive into VR just yet either. "I think there might be a few companies that have an opportunity to define what VR looks like – we are not one of them and most of the mobile OEMs are not these companies," he said.

While Pei believes in VR, he said that OnePlus isn’t going to aggressively pursue it for now.

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