Open OnePlus Black Friday sale on now


Open OnePlus Black Friday sale on now

Pretty much everyone is agreed that OnePlus makes great handsets, starting with the OnePlus One in 2014 and continuing the line with the OnePlus Two and OnePlus X in 2015. They're gorgeous looking phones with impressive specs and surprisingly small price points - why wouldn't you want one?!

And that's generally the issue, with the company deciding to release their handsets in limited numbers and only to those who have received an invite. Thankfully that practise is being done away with today as OnePlus has announced open sales on their entire line for Black Friday!

That's right, you can just head to the website right now, click into any of the three phones and add it to your cart without any fuss. This offer will run from the 27th of November to the 30th and we're hoping they have their website in order to keep up with the demand.

The flagship device right now is the OnePlus 2 with the latest Snapdragon processor, a large battery and up to 4 gigs of RAM. There's a 5.5 inch display and a fast camera with optical image stabilisation and a 13 MP sensor. Shoot 4K video and slow motion and just marvel at how pretty the handset looks. The best part though is that you can get all this for €399 - that's a similar spec to some of the most expensive phones on the planet for half the cost.

The OnePlus X is the newest model and it's aiming at a more modest market. But it's still a visually stunning device, crafted from ceramic or Onyx black glass and a tidy 5 inch 1080p screen. There's a 13 MP camera on the back and a huge 8 MP snapper on the front plus expandable storage. Inside is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor with 3 gigs of RAM, so it's still plenty fast and its powered by a 2525 mAh battery. That's a lot of phone for €269.

There's no word on how long it will take OnePlus to fill these orders (they've had trouble in that regard before) but you would hope that people would have their handsets before Christmas. Shipping to Ireland costs around €25.

Open OnePlus Black Friday sale on now on
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