Opera Gets New Update for Windows and OSX


Opera Gets New Update for Windows and OSX
New version is more fluid and responsive than predecessors...

After a period of relative quiet and stability, arguably caused by the sheer dominance of Google's Chrome, it looks as though the browser wars are starting to reignite at last. Following the launch of Mozilla's new Firefox overhaul last week, Opera has just received its own update - and although it's not quite as change-filled as that of its competitor, it does address some of the issues users had with previous iterations.

The PC version of the update features the all-new Aura hardware acceleration, which allows the browser to execute animations in a much smoother manner, creating a more responsive browsing experience. While that technology hasn't made it into the Mac OSX version of the update, the company maintains it has managed to achieve the same results through clever use of Apple's own built-in animation technology.

On top of the more responsive user experience, the update also brings with it a slew of stability and performance improvements, while adding in new features like improved scaling for high DPI displays, the option to display a full or truncated URL in the address bar and improved use of the Mac keyboard for certain web applications.

The latest version of the browser can be downloaded, free of charge, from the official Opera website for PC or Mac.

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