OtterBox case could double iPhone 6's battery life


OtterBox case could double iPhone 6's battery life

OtterBox announced its Resurgence power case for the iPhone 6 at CES 2015 with the bold claim that it doubles the battery life of the smartphone.

Not only does it extend the day-to-day life of your iPhone 6, but it should help it withstand knocks that could shorten its overall lifespan. Like other cases from Otterbox, the Resurgence power case is a tough nut to crack.

The case is made up of a polycarbonate material that protects the iPhone 6 from drops and falls, and improves impact resistance. The case was tested to meet MIL STD 810G-516.6, which drop the device on all faces, edges, and corners from four feet.

The Resurgence case packs 2600mAh of battery power and also has a novel auto-stop functionality that automatically turns off the case once the device has reached a full charge. You can still charge the enclosed smartphone thanks to an included microUSB cable and headphone jack extender cable.

OtterBox made no mention of a Resurgence case for the iPhone 6 Plus. It’s unclear if the device simply isn’t part of the company’s plans or if it’s just focusing on the one handset for now.

No price is yet known for the OtterBox Resurgence case. This information will be added to the OtterBox website at a later point in time.

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