Panasonic Lumix TZ60 Review


Panasonic Lumix TZ60 Review

With the advent and growth in mobile photography, camera manufacturers are being tasked with doing something different to tempt consumers to pick up their camera instead of reaching for the nearest smartphone. Panasonic’s answer to this challenge is the TZ60, a pocket-sized camera that emphasises zoom capabilities.

The Lumix TZ60 features a 30x optical zoom lens, allowing you to get closer to the action without actually physically moving or carrying around an array of lenses and equipment. To alleviate the risk of camera shake when taking advantage of this zoom, the TZ60 boasts a redesigned 5-axis hybrid optical image stabilisation system.

Acting as the successor to the TZ40, the Lumix TZ60 features a few new additions. The 30x optical zoom is a step up from its predecessor’s 20x optical zoom; it has an electronic viewfinder (EVF), which is quite novel for a pocket ultra-zoom camera; but most intriguing is the fact that it can capture both raw and JPEG images. And, thanks to Panasonic’s Venus Engine processor, the process of actually writing these files simultaneously is quite snappy.

Unfortunately, the Lumix TZ60 removes the touch screen, which reduces the convenience of touch focus and shutter that we saw with the TZ40, but otherwise it’s a more well-rounded and complete camera.

While the TZ60 features an 18-million-pixel sensor, i.e. the same as its predecessor, it has a new sensor and Panasonic states that it has worked to improve overall image quality. True enough; the TZ60 captures images with plenty of detail and vibrant colours.

The TZ60 also retains the connectivity options of the TZ40, featuring both Wi-Fi and NFC. A smartphone can be paired with the camera for remote use and can also be used to display captured images. It is also possible to transfer images to a smartphone for sharing or safe keeping, which we appreciate.

Panasonic has produced a camera that will appeal to photographers of all skills levels. It is an adaptable camera that allows photographers to capture a range of subjects with an extensive selection of scene modes available. You’ll also find Intelligent Auto, manual and semi-automatic settings to suit your skill level and individual preference.

This is a fantastic camera for a variety of situations that offers excellent picture quality. While the TZ60 is likely to appeal to a variety of photographers, it is those who travel that may appreciate it most of all thanks to its versatility, its zoom capabilities, its connectivity options and, perhaps most appealingly, its size.

9 Stars
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