PayPal and Executive Part Ways


PayPal and Executive Part Ways
Poor Twitter practice may have been the root cause...

In the last few years we've seen it become increasingly common for employees to lose their jobs following misguided or ill-advised Twitter messages, but the latest bout of social media silliness from former PayPal executive Rakesh Agrawal takes the biscuit.

Towards the end of last week, Agrawal posted a series of tweets which suggests he may have had a shandy or two (although he claims he was just exhausted) at the New Orleans Jazz Festival. The tweets, which have obviously now been deleted, included classics like:

Best night of my life. Look I by forward or meeting you si t just...

Oh. I quit pay a tonight because of self at son and aortic and ahour and hill e a s th

People who be fire from PayPal Don Christmas a pool of kick.


Duck you Smedley you useless middle. manager.

We're sure you'll have your own opinion as to whether you buy into Agrawal's story that he was "using a new phone that I bought because I wanted to test experiences onAndroid", but he followed up that explanation by saying:

Those messages were meant for a colleague.Note to self: don't test a new phone when sleep deprived after working your ass off for 20 hours a day while on vacation.

That's probably ONE of the things we wouldn't do based on the story, anyway. We can think of several others.

PayPal released a statement to say that Agrawal is no longer at the company, however he claims that he had actually left BEFORE the messages were sent, which seems to be accurate, given that one of them claims he "quit pay a tonight" which we assume to mean he "quit PayPal tonight".

So, another lesson, if ever one were needed, in why you need to avoid social media while you're "sleep deprived" or "working your ass off for 20 hours a day while on vacation".


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