PayPal mobilises One Touch for Smartphone Purchases


PayPal mobilises One Touch for Smartphone Purchases

Put simply, OneTouch stores your credit card details (with your explicit permission, duh) so that when it’s time to purchase something online, you no longer need to struggle entering in long digit strings into your touchscreen. Instead you just touch this app. Once.

One Touch was developed by Braintree. You may never have heard of Braintree before. That’s ok, PayPal has heard of them. In fact, PayPal owns them and is shipping their handy one touch purchase app across Android and iOS platforms.

Obviously, the ease with which this opens up your credit card’s finances may set off some alarm bells. I can understand this. PayPal understand this too. So in addition to benefiting from PayPal’s more than robust security practices and fraud protection services, but since its all real time online purchases, One Touch can instantly contact you if they suspect ANY suspicious activity.

According to Braintree’s Chief Executive Bill Ready,

“It’s starting to bring together the two networks of PayPal and Venmo… but letting consumers still choose whatproduct experience they want – the more social experience thatVenmo, offers, or PayPal, ifthey’ve been a user for years.”

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