Peach is a new social network with added personality


Peach is a new social network with added personality

You may have been hearing the word 'Peach' around the place today, and there's a reason - it's a brand new social network.

It comes from Vine creator Dom Hoffman and is a streamlined way to keep in touch with others. You can post updates (as you would expect) but also things called Magic Words. For example if you type 'draw' you'll be able to add a doodle, or 'here' automatically includes an update of where you are right now.

You can clue in people on the current weather, how many steps you've taken and loads of other stuff, or just add your favourite GIF or big cartoonish letters. It's certainly a way to add a bit more personality to your updates but, as ever, the future of Peach will entirely depend on whether it can get people to actually sign up. With Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and more, it can be hard for users to justify another social platform.

On the other hand, the idea of integrating Peach's functionality into existing networks could be pretty interesting, and there's a chance that the people involved wanted just that when they set it up.

Peach is only on iOS for now - you can download it here.

Peach is a new social network with added personality on
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