Pebble adds awesome Alexa to new Core


Pebble adds awesome Alexa to new Core

Pebble is already one of the biggest players in the smartwatch arena, so it's decided to take on the rest of the wearable world.

A new Kickstarter is raising funds for a selection of new watches (which have heart rate monitoring and look very nifty) and also introduces the Pebble Core. It's a super smart button which can track your runs using GPS, helping you to disconnect from your phone.

That's pretty neat on its own, but the Core also packs in 4 gigs of storage for your personal music, Spotify playback and Internet of Things functionality. And now it comes with Alexa.

Pebble has teamed up with Amazon to bring their personal digital assistant to the tiny device. So you'll be able to just ask it questions like you would of Siri or Google Now, but in a tiny form factor.

Check out how it'll work.

This is a pretty big deal in the world of technology, as its the first time Amazon has allowed the use of its tech on another platform, and the first smart wearable to add real digital assistant functionality. Over Wi-Fi or with a 3G Sim card, you'll be able to chat to it wherever you like.

It's still pretty early in Pebble's latest Kickstarter campaign, so there could be plenty more surprises on the way. The only bad news is that the core doesn't arrive until January 2017 but with nearly 10 million in backing at least we can be sure it will be a reality.

Read all about the new Pebble here.

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