Pebble Claims Huge Demand for Steel Smartwatch


Pebble Claims Huge Demand for Steel Smartwatch
Company confirms more stock is now available...

If questions have been asked about the viability of the current smartwatch market, then the fact that manufacturer, and arguably the current market leader, Pebble has struggle to maintain stock levels for its Pebble Steel device should go a long way to demonstrating the level of interest in the market from consumers.

The Pebble Steel launched earlier this year, and it has proven to be hugely popular among consumers, perhaps down to the fact that it looks a little more mature than its predecessors, but that demand has created a lack of product availability which has now been addressed with additional inventory added. The Pebble Steel retails for $249 and is available direct from the company at its official website in two colours, Brushed Stainlessand Matte Black.

Back in March the company announced that it had shifted a very impressive 400,000 smartwatches since the previous January, which has managed to generated around $60 million in revenue for the company. The level of consumer interest has been mirrored by developers, with more than 12,000now registered to createapps for the suite of smartwear.

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