Pebble Health update is much better for fitness tracking


Pebble Health update is much better for fitness tracking

A new Pebble update is making the e-ink smartwatch even better at tracking your fitness.

Pebble Health was a fairly simple app which kept an eye on sleep patterns and daily steps in a rotating weekly timeline. It was a decent overview but a little limited, and the update addresses all that.

Version 3.12 of the app adds an entirely new tab to the main smartphone screen called Health. In here you'll find a host of extra information, and all plotted out over the last 30 days.

That provides much more depth than before, although it doesn't display your steps and sleep patterns right on the watch - which was useful but fairly limited. The new app also automatically senses and logs whether you are running or walking and figures out calorie burn accordingly.

Smart Alarms are another new feature which takes note of your sleeping patterns to wake you as gently as possible within 30 minutes of your actual alarm time. That's a very useful feature and might help you get more done in the morning.

iPhone users now finally have access to the same text messaging options which have been available on Android for months.

You can get the update by checking the app under Menu>Support>Check for Updates. In Ireland, we managed to grab version 3.12 for the watch but the app wouldn't update past 3.11 so maybe Pebble hasn't rolled it out everywhere just yet.

Pebble Health update is much better for fitness tracking on
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