Philips Launching Android-Powered TVs This Year


Philips Launching Android-Powered TVs This Year
Brand new smart TV range kicking off in Q2...

Philips has announced that it'll be launching a brand new range of shiny Android-powered TVs later this year, with the first sets expected to roll off the assembly line for launch in Europe before the end of Q2.

It'll all kick off with the Philips 8000 series, available in three distinct flavours - a 44 inch 4K Ultra HD model and 48 inch and 55 inch regular HD models. Each set will offer users the ability to access the Google Play Store, meaning that it should be a piece of cake to download and run most of your favourite streaming media applications like YouTube or Vimeo, while the they'll also include controller support (the specifics of which have yet to be confirmed), so even gaming should be possible on the devices - although with Android games getting a lot more complex in the past year or so, it remains to be seen just what level of support will be available for some of the more graphically intensive experiences.

With smart TVs now well and truly a permanent feature of the home, it makes sense for companies like Philips to partner up with Google to expand the possibilities available through their sets, and hopefully this is something we'll see a lot more of in the future.

You can check out the European announcement trailer below...

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