Plans For Larger iPhone Revealed IN COURTROOM BATTLE?!?!


Plans For Larger iPhone Revealed IN COURTROOM BATTLE?!?!
Thank God Apple and Samsung are always at each other’s throats!

It should come as no surprise that Smartphone giants Apple and Samsung are constantly locked in legal struggle. They both have the money to play tit for tat over patents and similarities and all that nonsense you or I wouldn’t get away with.

But while both companies are at constant pains to minimise information leaks, there’s precious little they can do about it when a slide they show in court really, seriously, heavily suggests a cheaper, larger smartphone is on the way!

Apple presented in court a slide entitled “Consumers want what we don’t have”.
The company noted how Smartphone sales have increased, and this can largely be attributed to devices of less than $300 in price and more than 4 inches in screen dimensions.

Cheap, large smartphones are not Apple’s thing. Historically.

But that might be subject to change, especially with escalating rumours that a six inch iPhone might land in September and the standard iPhone size will jump from 4 inches to 4.7 inches.

As usual, this is only speculation.

But for once it’s from a primary source and given the nature of its disclosure, in earnest…

Plans For Larger iPhone Revealed IN COURTROOM BATTLE?!?! on
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