Play real Game Boy carts on your phone!


Play real Game Boy carts on your phone!

If you've been missing those halcyon days of the original Game Boy then this item has been tailor made for you. It's an accessory which attaches to your smartphone and basically turns it into a Game Boy!

The Smart Boy, as it has been called, will even take Game Boy and Game Boy Color cartridges and play the game right on the screen, with the best part being that you get actual physical buttons to use rather than terrible touch controls.

It all started out as a concept by Hyperkin Lab and they've somehow managed to make it a reality. The device isn't quite there yet and is still being called a 'Development Kit' in the hope that folks will buy one early and help improve the code for other users. In return, they'll get a percentage of the profits made from the sale.

The Smart Boy is up for pre-orders now for €59.99 - which seems very cheap so we're suspicious of how much functionality it will have at launch. Units will start shipping on the 1st of December, so if you want one in time for Christmas you could pop over to the official site now. It has only been announced for Android so far.

Of course it doesn't look like you can ship to Ireland right now but if you really want one we're confident you'll find a way.

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