Pokmeon Go cost Olympic contender 5000 quid!


Pokmeon Go cost Olympic contender 5000 quid!

If you've managed to look up from Pokemon Go recently you may have noticed that the Olympic Games are about to kick off in Brazil, and it turns out your not the only one obsessed with the game.

A Japanese Olympian called Kohei Uchimara recently traveled to Brazil to compete in the gymnastics event, fresh from winning gold at the London Games in 2012. While preparing to defend that title he was also playing a little Pokemon Go, or maybe more than a little.

Uchimura was handed a 500,000 yen bill for roaming charges while playing the addictive catch em all game, that amounts to almost €4500! As we well know, even tiny data charges can add up when you're abroad, and while Pokemon Go actually doesn't use that much data it was enough for a serious markup on his bill.

After a call to his carrier back home in Japan, and probably some mention of the fact that his was representing his nation in the Olympics, Uchimura managed to get the costs reduced to 30 quid a day, which will still end up being pricey enough. Hopefully the shock of the bill doesn't distract him from his performance in the Games which kick off on the 5th of August, 2016.

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