Preview – Sony Xperia S


Preview – Sony Xperia S
Goodbye Ericsson
Having successfully gobbled up the Sony Ericsson brand, the uniquely crafted Xperia S is the first mobile to sport the coveted Sony logo. And speaking entirely superficially for a moment, it makes the world of difference. Synonymous with high calibre electronics, there are certainly worse fates than stamping the characters S-O-N-Y on your Smartphone’s forehead!

Thankfully the Xperia S has more than branding in its favour. The transparent antenna bisecting its base is not only distinguishes it from the competition, but is also pretty slick. Especially as it lights up and doubles as the home input.

Complimenting the distinctive design is the 4.3” Full HD Reality Display. This monster offers crisp visuals and 720p playback and recording. The rear mounted 12mp camera is no slouch either, sporting a single second sleep-to-shoot fast capture option, while its coveted Exmar R Camera Sensor should de-gloomify even the dankest of shots.

Predictably, the first Sony branded Smartphone gifts users with instant access to the SEN. Sony’s network of multi-media contributions includes Video Unlimited, Music Unlimited and the artist formerly known as PSN. The Xperia S is also Playstation Certified. In case you like games. And who doesn’t?!

Though the Xperia S’ LED-backlit LCD, capacitive display should satisfy even the most ravenous mediaphiles, its convenient HDMI connection can instantly link and launch the Xperia S on adjacent tablets, PCs or Televisions, allowing users to enjoy their preferred tracks and videos on larger mediums.

And yes, you can play Crash Bandicoot on you 54” LED telly* if you so choose!

*They is just the small matter of acquiring one first...

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