Proper Typing Comes to Google Glass


Proper Typing Comes to Google Glass
Toronto-based company brings Minuum to Glass...

For all the potential benefits of having Google Glass (we won't touch on the potential negatives like getting beaten up in American cities or being kicked out of restaurants), the device has always had a major flaw - data entry. Up until now, users had to make do with only the most basic of input options, making the most basic things like browsing the web or using social media a potentially tricky endeavour.

That's no longer the case though, thanks to Toronto-based startup Whirlscape who have just brought their excellent Minuum keyboard to the wearable device.

It's hard to describe how Minuum actually works, given that it relies on subtle movements and predictive algorithms, but it's nevertheless an incredibly smart way of getting around the lack of physical keyboard or touch screen on Google's Glass headset. To better illustrate Minuum and how super awesome it is, the company has thankfully thought to release a lovely video giving people the basic idea of how it all comes together.

Although Google Glass has yet to actually launch, there are thousands of devices out there in the wild at the moment, so the addition of a practical keyboard is definitely welcome. It's definitely something that Google will need to work hard to address in an official capacity when the device actually launches to the public, however. Perhaps they'll stick their hands in their ludicrously deep pockets and acquire Whirlscape?

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