PS4 Teardown video- see what's inside PlayStation's new beast


PS4 Teardown video- see what's inside PlayStation's new beast

The PlayStation 4 Pro is out, and it remains to be seen if Sony's experiment in mid-generation upgrades manages to draw in new or returning customers.

For right now there's plenty of chatter about the increased level of graphical detail, the stunning stunningness of High Dynamic Range visuals and the my-god-its-just-so-gorgeous gorgeousness of 4K resolution.

If you don't have a 4K, HDR TV this is mostly lost on you, but the folks who made the thing promise that the better frame rate makes it a worthy upgrade for anyone. But then they would say that.

If you were wondering what magical internals could create such beauty, then wonder no more as a very stoic Japanese man rips a PS4 Pro apart for your entertainment.

Those eyes have seen more than you ever will...

The PS4 Pro is in shops in Ireland now.

PS4 Teardown video- see what`s inside PlayStation`s new beast on
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