Public Shunning Google Glass Because of Privacy Fears


Public Shunning Google Glass Because of Privacy Fears
Suspicion of data use could hurt Google's flagship wearable tech...

Despite being one of the coolest innovations in the past decade, Google Glass is struggling to convince the public that it's worth having thanks to concerns surrounding privacy.

The latest findings from market research company Toluna has found that an astonishing 72% of people questioned were unwilling to back the hardware because of their concerns. On top of the usual worries about how corporations handle user data, fears of potential hacking andunauthorisedrecording were high on the list of concerns.

Recent months have seen a spate of controversies surrounding Glass, with many users being asked to leave places of business, or even caught up in fights, because of their refusal to remove the hardware, but Google has been quick to defend itself from criticism, claiming that the device isn't for round-the-clock surveilance of your surroundings, nor is it solely for tragically hip fashion victims.

Unfortunately, for the time being at least, it looks as though the lack of public knowledge surrounding what exactly Glass does will make for some tough times ahead - not that Google can't take any potential financial hits or anything. They'll survive just fine we're sure.

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