Razer bought sound folks THX for some reason


Razer bought sound folks THX for some reason

You've all seen the THX logo- its the one that comes up at the start of movies which have been mastered for excellent sound and gets a bit noisy.

The company was founded by Star Wars fella George Lucas in 1983 to make sure that Return of the Jedi would sound awesome no matter where it was played. Later it became a kind of quality assurance for audio and extremely well known.

As of today, THX has been snapped up by Razer inc, an American company best known for making gaming peripherals like fancy keyboards and the kind of mouse that comes with 15 extra mappable buttons.

The word is that the new acquisition will now be working to being that THX quality to things like headphones and even virtual reality devices. That's a way for Razer to add value to their products in the future.

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