Report Claims Android is Most Stable Mobile Platform


Report Claims Android is Most Stable Mobile Platform
Kit Kat crash rate less than half that of iOS 7.1

In a report just released by mobile app analysis firm Crittercism, Google's Android operating system has been lauded as the most stable mobile platform available today, with its crash rate of 0.7% less than half that of its major competitor, Apple's iOS 7.1.

Surprisingly, despite the fact that Android has a reputation in some quarters for being more glitchy than Apple's iOS, the facts show that even the most bug-riddled version, Gingerbread, had a crash rate of just 1.7%, a mere 0.1% higher than Apple's current offering - which is also the most stable release of iOS to date.

The news isn't all bad for iOS, though, as Apple's operating system has shown marked improvement with each iteration. iOS 6 suffered a crash rate of around 2.6%, which improved to 2.1% for iOS 7, before the current version knocked another 0.5% off the figures.

Other interesting figures unearthed by the study include the fact that tablet apps, on average, crash far more often than their smartphone counterparts, with a rate of around 4.4%, and around 50% of all apps crash once in every hundred runs - a number that will certainly need to be reduced in the future.

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