Review - Sennheiser G4ME Zero Gaming Headset


Review - Sennheiser G4ME Zero Gaming Headset
Audio aficionados have long known that nobody does sound quite like Sennheiser, but the company is relatively inexperienced when it comes to the gaming world, so how does it fare with its new G4ME Zero range of gamer-friendly cans?

That they would get the basics spot on was never in doubt - Sennheiser knows a thing or three about how to build comfortable, robust and long-lasting headphones that sound great - but applying those tools to a device that’s intended for use over prolonged gaming sessions is another thing entirely...

The key difference between the audiophile world, which Sennheiser is so familiar with, and the gaming world is that gamers are used to headsets that artificially embellish audio, pumping up the low end so that explosions and gunshots rumble with suitable gusto, and toying with the mid-range so that voice communications remain untarnished by background music and effects. On the whole, gamers are not necessarily looking for the same things as true audio geeks, and that represents a potential issue for Sennheiser.

Any such fears are allayed relatively early on with the G4ME Zero, however. Regardless of your penchant for exaggerated bottom end, these cans sound absolutely brilliant. A flat response ensures that you’re hearing everything just the way the developers intended, and cinematic titles are made feel all the more epic because of it.

Pumping the volume right the way up results in no degradation of sound quality, an important feature for those who like to play with friends at LAN parties, and the overall construction of the headset lends itself to prolonged use thanks to its lightweight plastic build. Even the audio cable screams premium, with its braided exterior ensuring that even the most careless of players should run into no tearing issues down the line. But for all the positives, there are potential issues here - albeit none of which are necessarily down to bad design.

The main stumbling block is that gamers are simply used to getting a lot more for their money. A basic stereo headset with a boom mic is fine for mid-range devices, but for high end headsets the lack of 7.1 surround sound, mix options and even digital signal processing might be a little off-putting for some.

If you’re used to having a high level of audio control and customization options for your gaming, the G4ME Zero will likely feel a little devoid of features.

If, like us however, you’re all about the sound quality then you’ll struggle to find better elsewhere. Both the speakers and boom mic deliver in spades while the superb build quality makes the G4ME Zero a winner for us. Plus you get a nifty caseto carry it around!

8 Stars
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