Review - Sony Smartband SWR10


Review - Sony Smartband SWR10
Fitness bands are quite a fashionable accessory, enabling all of us to make a concious effort to walk more, whether that's to work or simply around the block to crank out those final few steps to a target. Sony seems determined to go beyond competitor offerings with its Smartband, which not only tracks key fitness metrics, but is also designed to “log your day, every day.”

Sony’s Smartband is designed to be worn at all times and it’s quite a comfortable accessory. It’s very light and quickly becomes unnoticeable as you go about your day. It comes in black, but if you are looking to make it stand out a little bit more, there are a range of colours and styles available with more planned in the future.

While the Smartband can be used to track steps, like other fitness bands, it also offers users the opportunity to log their life. The Core – a small, white rectangular tracker that sits inside the Smartband – transmits data to the Lifelog app, which is available for free through Google Play. Life bookmarks can be set by double tapping the button on the band and, while certain information such as the location and weather are set automatically, users can add notes or photos. It’s an intriguing way to track what you’ve done and far more readily accessible than loading up a social media app and typing out a status.

If you’re feeling nostalgic you can then use the app to replay a day, seeing how it panned out, bookmarks that were set, pictures that were taken and your activities, whether that’s time spent listening to music or playing games. You can also ensure that you’ve met your activity target for a day as the Smartband monitors time spent walking or running and the calories burned as a result.

The Smartband has been designed for continuous usage. The Core charges through a microUSB socket, and takes around thirty minutes to pick up a full charge, while you should get around five days of use from it. It’s also water-resistant and rated to IP58, so there’s no need to take it off if doing the dishes or caught in a rain shower.

While the Core uses Bluetooth Low Energy to communicate with your phone and NFC to sync up, it will log information locally if it’s unable to send it to your phone and transfers it to the app when connectivity is restored.

Since its announcement, there have been queries over the privacy aspect of a life logger. The good news is that users can opt out of certain categories being tracked, while if you lose the Smartband the data is logged to your personal account. This means that if someone connects your Smartband on a different device, it will reset itself.

Sony’s Smartband is more intriguing than many dedicated fitness trackers on the market due to its life logging capabilities. Rather than having to post daily activities to social media, you can keep a personal record quickly and easily, and relive these memories through the Lifelog app. The Smartband is designed to be worn at all times, and it shows;It’s lightweight, comfortable, and can be used to track your life, fitness goals and all.

10 Stars: Recommended
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