Review - SteelSeries H Wireless Gaming Headset


Review - SteelSeries H Wireless Gaming Headset
Wireless audio is a big thing these days. With so many set top boxes in most people’s living room setups the last thing anyone wants is to have unnecessary cables trailing along the floor, and this one stop solution has you covered for all your entertainment needs!

Although predominantly a gaming headset, the SteelSeries Wireless H Gaming Headset is a versatile little sod, making it perfect for pretty much any of your home audio consumption needs, from gaming to movies to music to TV and everything in between, it’ll do the job perfectly.

And that’s probably just as well given that it’s going to set you back close to $400, but in life you get what you pay for, and this is one SERIOUS piece of audio kit. Or rather, it’s two serious pieces of audio kit thanks to the inclusion of a separate transmitter which features an OLED screen and easy-to-use features and controls.

The Wireless H is all about control, whatever you’re using the device for, and with a range of versatile EQ presets as well as the ability to get down and dirty and program your own, plus theinclusion of handy on-earcup controls you’ll have no problems immersing yourself in your favourite games or movies.

Like all SteelSeries products, functionality and usability is key here, and there’s no complicated jargon or setting up to worry about - simply unpack this behemoth from the box, find the relevant cables for your setup and away you go.

Also demonstrating the company’s dedication to user-friendliness is the fact that the H Wireless comes with not one but two lithium ion batteries, each featuring 20-hour life to ensure that you’re never caught out again. Once you’re done with a major session, simply swap out the battery from the headset with the one that’s been charging in the wireless transmitter and you’ll be ready to go next time around without having to worry about running out of juice.

The build quality here is also second to none. You you’re dealing with a premium product as soon as you’ve gotten the box open. The iconic black and orange of the SteelSeries brand is perfectly at home on this slick headset, and once you’ve actually put it on, you’ll be in audio heaven thanks to the cushioned headband and memory foam padding on each of the earcups.

When playing, users can adjust the balance between in-game communications and the game’s sound effects using the wireless transmitter, with all the necessary information displayed with crystal clarity thanks to its OLED display, although the built-in LiveMix technology will automatically adjust in-game audio when voice communication is recognized.

It might be pricey, but there’s nothing on the market that comes close.

8 Stars
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