Review - SteelSeries Rival Optical Mouse


Review - SteelSeries Rival Optical Mouse
SteelSeries knows just how important mice are in the overall gaming experience, and they’ve built up a huge amount of knowledge down through the years, serving up some of the finest examples of gaming control in the process. And now they bring you the Rival Optical Mouse...

To a regular computer user a mouse is probably the least exciting part of the day-to-day experience, but to a gamer it’s the difference between defeat and victory, and that’s why equipping yourself with the best gear is so important to competitive players.

Where most other manufacturers are pushing wireless and lazer technology in their mice, SteelSeries has opted to do things a little differently with the Rival. A right-handed, ergonomically crafted optical wired mouse, it’s all about delivering the goods where it matters - the user’s gameplay experience.

From the moment you lay your hand on the Rival you’ll know you’re in for a treat. Longer than most mice, its ergonomic design ensures that everything falls easily within reach, no matter if your hands are larger or smaller than those of the average gamer. Each side features a non-slip rubber surface that serves as the natural resting position for your gripping fingers, while the whole device has an anti-sweat coating to ensure players don’t lose accuracy under pressure.

While some other mice on the market have been pushing the boat out in terms of programmable buttons (including SteelSeries with some of its own devices), the Rival offers an altogether more reasonable 6 buttons to customize - the traditional left, right and middle mouse buttons, two additional buttons located just above the left hand side rubber grip, and a final button just behind the mouse wheel which is set by default as the mouse’s CPI toggle button.

Editing the functions of these buttons and creating custom macros is as easy as always thanks to the versatile SteelSeries Engine software, now in its third major revision. The no-nonsense interface looks deceptively simple at first, but it contains pretty much everything you’ll need to tweak your Rival experience to be just how you need it.

Everything from polling rate to angle snapping to sensitivity and acceleration/deceleration settings can be changed here, while the live preview allows any changes you make take effect in real-time.

With a 1ms response rate and the ability to set your CPI anywhere between 50 and 6500, the Rival is an incredibly versatile gaming mouse, and what it lacks in over-the-top button count and flash appearance it makes up for in functionality, comfort and the ability to tweak it to feel exactly how you want it to with absolutely no fuss. It’s a winner!

9 Stars
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