Review - SteelSeries Wireless MMO Mouse


Review - SteelSeries Wireless MMO Mouse
Getting to grips with WoW like never before...

They’re not terrifically exciting things, mice, but given their importance when it comes to PC gaming, it’s fair to say that they’re often among the most underrated peripherals in the market. While many gamers are happy enough to make do with whatever run of the mill mouse came with their setup for more traditional games like first person shooters or point and click strategy titles, the MMO crowd place a far bigger value on the quality of their mice, and that’s something that SteelSeries has always recognised.

The latest addition to the company’s mouse family is the World of Warcraft branded Wireless MMO Mouse, released to coincide with the launch of Mists of Pandaria, the latest expansion to the phenomenally successful WoW franchise. As the official mouse of the game, SteelSeries has spent a huge amount of time figuring out exactly what WoW players need, want and just plain like from their mice, and the result is a thing of strange beauty.

Staying relatively true to the tried and tested mouse conventions, the Wireless MMO Mouse doesn’t stray too far from the beaten path, on face value at least. Aside from a couple of extra bulges at the side, you’d be forgiven for thinking it just like any other on first glance, but further inspection reveals an impressive 11 buttons, each of which can be configured from within WoW to offer a startling degree of flexibility.

Each of the buttons sits comfortably under finger, and even the slightly fiddlier looking ones on the mouse’s left hand side function admirably, even during high-action gameplay sessions. As a wireless mouse, it features top of the range wireless technology to ensure maximum responsiveness at all times. For those of you who prefer to be tethered to your machine, it can also be used as a wired mouse via micro USB connection. While we can’t imagine why anyone would actually prefer to use it this way, it does at least offer the added benefit of charging the mouse during play, so there’s absolutely no down-time required.

When using the mouse wirelessly, you’ll connect the attractive base-cum-holder to your PC via micro USB cable, and when you’re not using it, simply pop it back into the cradle and it’ll recharge its batteries between gameplay sessions. For those of you who like to spend unhealthy amounts of time in Azeroth, a single full charge will offer 16 hours of wireless gameplay, so it’s probably fair to say that this mouse will last all but the most hardcore of players.

Aesthetically, it’s a very pretty device. When in use it emits a pleasing blue glow, illuminating the World of Warcraft logo on its face, and the base offers the same colouring while the mouse is cradled and charging. Four levels of intensity are offered for the lighting, and four for the pulsation of the glow itself, allowing for even more personalisation.

Those of you who like to get into the nitty gritty of the numbers and specifications will no doubt be suitably impressed with the mouse’s 12,000 Frames Per Second, 150 Inches Per Second, 100-8,200 Counts Per Inch, 30G Acceleration, 1-5mm Lift Distance and Wireless Range of up to 10 feet, but more impressive is the fact that it all comes together so well in a device that’s a hell of a lot more ergonomic than it looks at first.

As MMO mice go, there’s plenty of choice out there, but this is comfortably the most pleasing to use that we’ve gotten our grubby mitts on to date. If you’re an avid WoW player, then this is a must have.

9 Stars: Recommended
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