Review – Samsung Galaxy 10.1


Review – Samsung Galaxy 10.1
Sweet like chocolate
Weighing a paltry 556gs, Samsung’s streamlined iPad rival looks and feels like some serious science fiction. But it’s fact! Its Honeycomb OS and remarkably broad screen don’t hurt the illusion none either.

Put bluntly, the Galaxy 10.1 is beautifully crafted. Thin breath, wide screen, it’s precisely what you want from a luxury device.
While it’s low weight improves overall portability, the media functionality onboard the 10.1 is especially splendid, functionality which hinges upon arguably the market’s finest screen. Seriously, I’ve seen gems less shiny! Vibrant, vivid, vast, it seems Samsung are hoping to cement the 10.1 as the definitive android media tab. And that mortar’s setting fast.

Sadly the 10.1 falters with a dire scarcity of connections. This severely limits the hardware plug-ins available. The absence of USB 2.0 in this day and age is startling. Considering this was designed to rival the iPad 2 in terms of sheer convenience, Samsung’s oversight in this department is quite baffling.

Also, the occasional botched 1080p video stream mars one’s entertainment! While this sporadic hiccup interrupts the Galaxy 10.1’s rhythm, its 1GHz Dual Core NVIDIA Tegra2 processor suffers precious little lag or slowdown. So in the grand scheme of things, such imperfections are easily forgiven.

The presence of Haptics within the Galaxy 10.1’s arsenal immediately make alternate inputs appear obsolete. Considering the time we all spend slapping touchscreen keys, a slight kinetic feedback significantly enhances the intuitiveness of touch typing.

Admittedly this Haptic functionality is yet another strain on an already laboured battery. But the 10.1 700mAH Lithium Ion should be up to the challenge.

Supplementing this interactivity is the 10.1’s sensor array. Featuring a gyroscope, accelerometer, digital compass and an ambient light sensor there’s ample scope for games, browsing and, naturally, the universe of content within the Android Marketplace!

With a price tag of somewhere in the €575 region, Samsung’s Galaxy 10.1 will overburden most wallets. But it’s worth the investment! With its gorgeous WXGA 1280x800 TFT presentation, impeccable 10.1” screen and Haptic interface, this sleek device could easily become android’s tablet flagship.

And might even challenge Apple for market supremacy. Though admittedly, that’s a big maybe!

Camera: 3MP AF with LED Flash, 2 MP
Video: 1080p full HD @ 30fps, 720p HD
Memory: 32GB
Connectivity: Bluetooth 3.0+EDR, WiFi 802.11 (a/b/g/n)

8 Stars: Recommended
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