Rural Town in Ireland Set to Get 250Mbps Fibre Boost


Rural Town in Ireland Set to Get 250Mbps Fibre Boost
Hopes it will stimulate renewed business in the town

Claremorris is a small town in Co. Mayo.In the best Team America parlance, it's 215 kilometers west of Dublin and home to around 4000 people.

As the recession eases slightly, companies just need an excuse to locate outside of Dublin - where property remains far cheaper than city rates. And they might have found one in Claremorris, with a plan in place to deliver blisteringly fast fibre broadband to the area.

According to Siliconrepublic,E-net and AirSpeed Telecoms are currently working to have up to 250Mbps broadband live in the town by August 2014. Companies are already signing up to the pilot programme, which is all about providing the necessary resources to draw more business to the area. Speeds like that rival any capital city in Dublin and if they can be achieved and sustained provide an ample base to work from for any company which values fast digital communication. Which is most of them.

There's a hope that this programme could roll out to other towns around the country if its considred a success, let's hope they're up and running soon.

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