Samsung aims for high sales despite Note 7 fail


Samsung aims for high sales despite Note 7 fail

Samsung is hoping for a better year in 2017 with its flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S8.

According to reports the tech giant is aiming to ship 60 million units of the new handset, a higher figure than in recent years.

Last year the Galaxy S7 saw sales of 48 million units and the Galaxy S5 and S6 both sold 45 million units each. To date the sales of the Galaxy S4 in 2014 remains their number one sold phone with 70 million units.

The Galaxy S8 is said to be released in mid April, with production beginning in March.

Samsung suffered a tough year in 2016, after a full recall on all their Note 7 smartphones was announced in October and the phones were banned from all flights due to safety concerns.

Samsung aims for high sales despite Note 7 fail on
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