Samsung Galaxy Note 7 - battery and release date leak


Samsung Galaxy Note 7 - battery and release date leak

Samsung will definitely be releasing a new Note handset this year, and the rumour is that it's going to be called the Galaxy Note 7. Yep, their last handset in this range was the Note 5 but it seems the powers that be thought that their flagship S7 series should be brought into line.

That makes a lot of sense, as the phablets were always a number behind, but this naming change has yet to be confirmed. There are plenty of rumours swirling though, and the latest focus on release date and battery life.

We're hearing about a launch date of August 2nd for the new device, and that's not the first time it has been suggested, making it all the more likely to be true. If it does prove to be the case, Samsung will want to start teasing the device officially very soon.

In terms of battery tipster Eldar Murtazin has reported that we could be looking at a 3,600 mAh unit. This is down from a previous number of 4000 and actually might be one of the more surprising pieces of information. With a large 5.7 or even 5.8 inch screen, battery life can be a major concern for Note users, especially given the high resolution screen.

Still with advanced in battery saving technology the leaked info suggests a video playback time of somewhere in the region of 20 hours and use of at least 2 days. We'll have to wait and see.

Of course, none of this has been confirmed - expect official news from Samsung over the next few weeks.

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