Samsung Galaxy S6 Could Be First Phone With 4 Gigs of RAM


Samsung Galaxy S6 Could Be First Phone With 4 Gigs of RAM

If Samsung follows the format its put in place over the last few years, we should expect an annoucement of the Galaxy S6 before the end of February for an April 2015 release. Which means the rumour mill is already grinding away.

The latest whisper to come from the Korean tech giants is that the upcoming flagship handset could be the first in the world to include a massive 4 gigs of RAM. That rumour gained credence this week as the company started talking about a new RAM module it was starting to mass produce, 4GB LPDDR4 to be exact.

This new chip is not only small enough to fit inside a smartphone or tablet, it will also make a big difference to performance, especially the speedy data transfer needed for photos. Specs suggest it could help to take continuous 20 megapixel snaps and improve ultra high definition video shooting.

It's more efficient as well, which is better for your battery life - something which is always a major issue with increasingly complex smartphones. And there's a very good chance we'll see these features debut in the S6.

While we're in rumour-ville, there has also been a suggestion that the S6 could feature a display with 2 curved edges. It sounds a bit ridiculous really, but it is something that could show up in an updated version of the Edge closer to the end of 2015.

More as we get it.

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