Samsung Galaxy S7 leaked images


Samsung Galaxy S7 leaked images

Samsung recently confirmed their regular Unpacked event for 2016, this time taking place on the 21st of February. That's right before Mobile World Congress kicks off and the ideal time to announce their new Galaxy S7 flagship smartphone. So that means its time for leaks.

And they have delivered, with specs being rumoured and even some images of the front and back of the phone. It's regular tipster Evan Blass on Twitter who has the scoop:

Apparently this is what the Samsung Galaxy S7 (left) and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge will look like. We had previously heard that Samsung would be changing up the design a little for 2016 but that doesn't seem to be the case - the form is very familiar, through we're still liking the little bit of extra style that comes with the Edge.

Specs have also leaked, and they're pretty high end as you would expect. The S7 could have a 5.1 inch screen while the Edge might be 5.5 inches. Other rumours suggest a Quad HD screen and always on tech, a battery size boost and the welcome return of microSD support, this time up to a massive 200 gigs. The camera was said to be a 12 MP shooter, down from 16 MP, but with more fancy things going on inside to prove that megapixels aren't everything.

It's a comprehensive spec sheet and we wouldn't be surprised to see it all come true but this does remain merely rumour, for now.

Expect a full official reveal on the 21st of February 2016.

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