Samsung launches a GPS fitness tracker


Samsung launches a GPS fitness tracker

Samsung wants to get in on the fitness tracking action with the Gear Fit 2 - and it has a lot to offer.

This slick looking band features a large and frankly gorgeous looking 1.5 inch colour Super AMOLED display which is designed to be easily viewable in any conditions.

It also has 4 gigs of storage on board (good for loading up your songs) and a four day battery life, as well as a built in heart rate monitor. And Samsung has gone still further by adding full GPS tracking to the band, which even automatically senses when activity you're up to.

Here's the flashy trailer.

Honestly it looks great and has a serious feature set as well as the backing of one of the biggest mobile brands around. And that's even more impressive when you hear that the Gear Fit 2 is launching with a $179 (€160) price tag.

That easily undercuts the competition like Garmin and Fitbit with models costing almost 100 euro more and could be the kind of move which will help the Korean giant grab a bigger slice of the fitness tracker pie.

The new wearable will also have some smartwatch functionality and comes with a new app that will pit your times against those of your friends. It's designed to work with most Android devices (at least Samsung isn't limiting it to their own handsets anymore) but won't integrate with iPhone at all. Which seems like a poor choice for a company looking for market share.

The Samsung Gear Fit 2 is set to launch in the US next week and should be in Europe around the same time. Euro pricing hasn't been confirmed yet.

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