Samsung Mobile Design Head Resigns


Samsung Mobile Design Head Resigns
Criticism of the Galaxy S5's style the catalyst for departure...

Samsung's head of Mobile Design, Chang Dong-hoon, has departed the company following the critical response to the Galaxy S5's looks. The company's latest flagship Android smartphone, which released earlier this year, was criticised for looking so similar to its predecessor.

At a time where smartphones need to do everything they possibly can to differentiate themselves from the competition, many feel that Samsung let itself down by failing to refresh the look of the device. By contrast, HTC's One M8, although also quite similar to its predecessor, at least offered something that stood out from the majority of handsets, increasing the pressure on Chang.

Since the Galaxy S3, Samsung has struggled to find a form factor that both innovated and impressed the masses, and while the hardware has been spot on in almost all cases, Changclearly believed it was time to step aside and allow someone else the opportunity to shape the look and feel of future handsets.

Samsung hasn't wasted any time in replacing the departing staffer, with Lee Min-hyouk, former Vice President for Mobile Design, stepping into the vacant spot, but Chang will be remaining at the company in a new role, overseeing the company's overall design strategies.

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