Samsung Ordered to Pay Apple $119.6 Million


Samsung Ordered to Pay Apple $119.6 Million
And it's still less than Apple wanted...

Yes, we know. These court cases between Apple and Samsung are really starting to get a little silly, but the latest one wrapped up last week and Samsung has been ordered to pay $119.6 million to the Cupertino-based company. Now, while that may sound like an awful lot to your or I, it's actually bordering on a win for Samsung, given the fact that Apple wanted almost twenty times that amount.

The case focused on Samsung's alleged patent infringement with its Galaxy SIII smartphone (that's right, we can look forward to at least another two of these cases, one for the S4 and one for the S5, in most likelihood), with Apple claiming that Samsung knowingly copied certain aspects of the iPhone while creating the hugely popular device. In a statement following the verdict, Apple spokesperson Kristin Huguet said:

Samsung willfully stole our ideas and copied our products. We are fighting to defend the hard work that goes into beloved products like the iPhone, which our employees devote their lives to designing and delivering for our customers.

Samsung, obviously, denies the claims, but will no doubt be happy with the outcome, given how costly the whole case could ultimately have proven if things went totally against them.

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