Samsung S8 could have a new screen size


Samsung S8 could have a new screen size

After the issues around the launch of the Galaxy Note 7, which sometimes went a little bit on fire when it was charging, all eyes will be on what Samsung does next.

And it's pretty clear that's going to be the launch of the Galaxy S8. It's one of the most popular premium smartphone ranges in the world, and it's also the ideal way for the company to start restoring the faith of its millions of customers.

We've already heard that they could be bringing forward the release date of the handset to early in 2017, and the rumour mill is already grinding out potential specs. The latest whisper is that we could be seeing some new screen sizes next year.

Previously the regular S7 had a 5.1 inch screen while the Edge variant measured 5.5 inches. The word is that the new phones will start at 5.7 inches and go all the way up a 6.2 inches.

A very thin bezel was already rumoured and this would keep the handset dimensions from getting too much bigger - and the larger phone could have a truly edge to edge display. It might be called the Galaxy S8 Plus.

Right now these are just rumours but expect to hear about the new phones early in 2017.

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