Samsung Set to Go Head to Head with Google Glass


Samsung Set to Go Head to Head with Google Glass
Tizen-based device set for September launch...

With Google Glass still no closer to a mass market release date, it looks like Samsung is set to enter the wearable technology market with a brand new, as-yet unannounced device that'll launch in September of this year. The reports come from an anonymous Samsung source speaking with Business Korea.

According to the source, the device will be known as Gear Glass, and unlike Google's Android powered Glass, it'll instead run on Samsung's own mobile operating system, Tizen, just like the company's Gear 2 and Gear 2 neo smartwatches.

So far, the Tizen project has been more miss than hit for Samsung, with countless delays holding the company back from launching a flagship smartphone based around the operating system, but it looks as though it could find a good home in the wearable sector as Samsung continues to aggressively pursue that side of the market.

Business Korea claims that the Gear Glass will be aesthetically quite different to Google's product, using an earpiece and display combination rather than a straight up glasses frame style design - however we're not entirely convinced by the viability of such a design, given the fact that it would likely get quite uncomfortable to wear for prolonged periods, and it wouldn't lend itself too well to physical activity.

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