Samsung set to revolutionise low light photography


Samsung set to revolutionise low light photography

Let's face it - no matter how fancy your smartphone is or how many megapixels its pushing, low light performance is still terrible in 2015. Focussing is difficult, your subject is almost always blurred and everything else is a murky morass of digital noise. And the flash really doesn't help matters as much as it should.

It's still a constant disappointment but the fact remains that photo technology needs light and the small sensors on mobile cameras aren't equipped to collect enough to make the images decent, forcing users to reach for expensive camera alternatives or settle for peering through the murk. Now Samsung thinks it can change all that.

The company has been working on a new camera technology called BRITECELL. It has been designed from the ground up with darker situations in mind, chiefly by changing the way the filters in front of the pixels work to let in more light. On top of that, it has smaller pixels and delivers sharper images - so you're likely to see much higher megapixel counts in the near future.

Here's an image that has been doing the rounds.

It's pretty meaningless without being able to see the technology working in the real world but it's important that this conversation is at least happening - smartphone manufacturers are aware that their photography solutions are currently lacking, and they're working on solutions. We're hearing BRITECELL tech is also thinner, which could result in even thinner phones coming our way soon.

Other improvements include new ways of dealing with high dynamic range (a tech that's also making its way into TVs) and a quicker autofocus system. Right now Samsung already has some of the best mobile cameras around, and it sounds like they're about to get even better.

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