Samsung Shipped 10m Galaxy S5s in First Month


Samsung Shipped 10m Galaxy S5s in First Month
Huge numbers claimed for Samsung's 2014 smartphone flagship...

Reports from Korea are suggesting that Samsung's Galaxy S5 flagship Android smartphone has shipped an impressive 10 million devices in less than a month. There's not yet been any official word from Samsung on the mooted figures, but if they confirm them, it'll definitely have been a solid launch month for the device in the face of some strong competition from the likes of the HTC One M8.

One thing that's worth noting, however, is that the figure relates to handsets shipped, which doesn't necessariy mean they've been sold to anyone yet - although it would be a big stretch to argue that the device hasn't proven to be extremely popular among users since it hit stores.

if the timelines are correct and it did indeed take 25 days for the device to reach the 10m units shipped milestone, it'll beat the company's previous record of 27 days for the Galaxy S4. The company's Galaxy S III took 50 days to hit the milestone, however the fact that the S5 launched in 125 countries at the same time may well have something to do with the vast improvement over that particular device..

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