Samsung to Release Standalone Smart Watch?


Samsung to Release Standalone Smart Watch?
Gear Solo being touted as the next step in wearable tech for Samsung...

According to a report in the Korea Herald, Samsung may be preparing for the launch of a brand new smart watch which doesn't require the use of a smartphone in order to make or receive calls. To date, the company's Gear range of smart watches has been relatively hamstrung by its requirement of having a compatible Samsung smartphone about your person at all times to enable full functionality.

This new Gear Solo, however, would be a completely standalone device, and one which, in theory, should be able to function just like any other wearable tech without Bluetooth tethering.The original report also claims that Samsung has already filed a patent with the name Gear Solo in Korea, so it's looking as though there might be something in this.

It's likely that this is the direction in which we'll be seeing wearable technology go in the coming years, as it makes more sense for users to carry just a single device with them, rather than being forced to carry two just for the sake of having easy wrist-bound access to certain functionality when on the go.

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