See how the Apple Watch Sports holds up against a knife key and sandpaper!


See how the Apple Watch Sports holds up against a knife key and sandpaper!

The Apple Watch will be available to people in select countries around the world on the 24th of April, and that means the world is about to go crazy for wearables.

Apple's latest magical device is a wrist-worn extension for your smartphone, letting you see notifications and interact with your digital world through a touch screen and digital crown interface. It comes in a number of different configurations and sizes, including the Apple Watch Sport. Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition. And pricing starts from $349 and goes up to an absolutely whopping $17,000 (yes really) for the 18-Karat Yellow Gold Apple Watch Edition with red modern buckle. You can't say its not attractive, but it should be for that price.

Whether its worth that kind of money will depend on a number of factors - mostly whether you're incredibly rich - but today we're looking at just how durable these expensive wearables are going to be. Few people have access to a real Apple Watch right now but the Unbox Therapy YouTube channel did manage to get their hands on a sample of the material which the screen is made out of. It's called Ion-X glass and the rumour is that it's a similar material to Gorilla Glass, a common substance in phone screens over the last few years.

It's only the Apple Watch Sport which features an Ion-X screen, and here you can see what happens when its subjected to keys (a common pocket issue), a knife and then some attention from sandpaper.

Scratching right on the glass with sandpaper is basically not recommended, which is the same for most watches and phones. The message here is that your Sporty Apple Watch is going to get scuffed if you're not careful. On the other hand the Watch and Edition versions of the device come with Sapphire screens which is even tougher than Ion-X, with some tests showing it surviving under assault from a drillbit. It won't be long before we get to see real life examples of just how durable the Watch is, and we honestly can't wait for the first crazy website which decides to blow one up for fun.

The Apple Watch is coming to countries like the US and UK on the 24th of April 2015, there's no Irish release date yet but we'll have an update as soon as one is announced.

See how the Apple Watch Sports holds up against a knife key and sandpaper! on
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