See Mars in 360 degrees


See Mars in 360 degrees

The Curiosity Rover is still out there, wandering the surface of Mars, taking photos and being an intrepid explorer.

It's pretty amazing when you take a moment to think about it - a robot being controlled over more than 200 million miles of space by folks on the ground, learning incredible things about a planet we hope to visit someday soon. The photographic evidence is frequently stunning, and you can experience it in 360 degrees with this latest image.

It comes from the Mast Camera on the rover and was composited from a selection of snaps taken on the 18th of December 2015. The closest dune is about 5 meters high, to give you a sense of scale. This image from Facebook can be rotated by clicking and dragging with the mouse or your finger on a touchscreen.

Use your smart phone to explore Mars with me in 360 degrees. #FromWhereIStand

Posted by NASA’s Curiosity Mars Rover on Saturday, 30 January 2016

It's a strange looking image when you look at it this way, with most of the features squashed together by the effort of making it a panorama. It's also interesting to note that this image has been edited quite a bit - the colours have all been fiddled with to bring in shades we would more associate with Earth. Thats to make it easier to distinguish between the different terrain, absent the red wash of Mars.

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