Send a personalised message from Santa!


Send a personalised message from Santa!
For all the nice boys, girls, nephews, nieces and ninjas...
Gmail is now allowing anyone to send a festive message, delivered by Santa, to anyone that they like. The video message creates a personalised message to send to a friend, family member, client or more. There is plenty of customisation in this little feature. The sender can be a pet for example; the recipient can be a parent, partner or even something interesting like a ninja or sith master.

The cartoon santa then uses all the information supplied in a video message in which the viewer is invited into his home, praised for good deeds and sent on their way with a reminder to leave out a snack and not to peek. Names that have not been recorded can be replaced with a nickname or similarly pronounced name; Just as long as you don’t know anyone called Bob. It's time to spread a little Christmas cheer.

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