Set an alarm on Android phone from your computer


Set an alarm on Android phone from your computer

Google Now and the Android system doesn't shout as loud as some of the other operating systems (Cortana is a real attention seeker) but the range of features they have on board is certainly impressive.

We recently detailed how you can go about finding your Android phone very easily with Google, with the option to make it ring from afar, and there's plenty more on the way with the most recent update allowing you to send notes to your phone from the desktop and even set up an alarm.

Once you've got your Google accounts synced on your phone and desktop properly (there's a guide for that here) the controls are actually really simple. If you want to set an alarm on your phone, just type 'set and alarm' and the time you want. The same goes for sending a note, with a Google Now-type card popping up for what the content you want to send is and you can also send a reminder and even Google map directions straight to your handset.

These features are all aimed to be accessible without really getting in the way - you might be the kind of user who likes being able to sync things easily across computer and handset but if you're not you won't be seeing this options all the time without being able to use them. But if you are at all interested, there's a wealth of functionality behind Google Now, including excellent voice recognition, which makes your phone a joy to use.

These new features will be coming to phones and desktop soon, so make sure you have the latest version of the Google app from the Play Store.

Set an alarm on Android phone from your computer on
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