Shazam is now even faster


Shazam is now even faster

Shazam is a pretty amazing app which will listen to pretty much any song out in the world and let you know what it is. That's perfect for those moments when you just can't remember the name of a tune, or if you think you've just discovered your new favourite track. And now it's getting even better.

A new update for the app includes advancements from Shazam's Research and Development team. You probably don't need to read about the particulars but the upside for you, the user, is that the app will recognise tracks even faster than before.

"Our research team works continually to improve our recognition technology, and our latest release significantly reduces the amount of time required to get a result, making this our fastest Shazam experience ever," said Charles Henrich, Chief Technology Officer, Shazam.

That's pretty great news, especially as Shazam was already really fast, especially when compared with other options like the one included in Google search on mobile. There's also a new Search function which lets you find out more about an artist and even follow them to see what they're listening to. Shazam also revealed that the 600 artists who are sharing their content on the service have managed to reach 2 billion followers collectively.

The Shazam update is available now on iOS and Android.

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