Siri Security Exploit Discovered on iPhone


Siri Security Exploit Discovered on iPhone
Glitch makes it possible to bypass lock screen...

A security glitch has been discovered for Apple's iPhone 5 rangethat allows uers to potentially bypass the device's lock screen and gain access to the handset's text and call functionality - which could be a big problem in the wrong hands.

The exploit was a discovered by Sherif Hashim, an Egyption neurosurgeon, and works on devices running iOS version 7.1.1 with the Siri service available from the lock screen. By activating Siri and giving her instructions to make a call or send a text, followed by inputting a single letter and selecting "other" from the available options, users can then gain access to the full contents of the device's content list as well as make calls and send or read texts and emails.

Fortunately, it's not the most elegant of ways to gain access to someone's device, but it can be done quickly and efficiently with a little practice, which makes it a bit of a concern.

Apple has never been too tardy when it comes to fixing these kind of issues though, so we would expect the exploit to be patched out in the very near future.

While you wait for the issue to be resolved, you can avoid any potential concerns by simply disabling Siri from the lockscreen.

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