Skype Can Now Instantly Translate Your Words Into Spanish!


Skype Can Now Instantly Translate Your Words Into Spanish!

While spaceships and flying cars are certainly things which we associate with the future, there's a real technology which could revolutionise human communication.

Skype is currently rolling out a public translator option which can allow English and Spanish people to chat, live, in their native tongue. One person talks, the software does its thing, and the other language comes out the end.

Right now, it only works for these languages and can only be accessed by people who are running Windows 8.1 on their machine - it clearly doesn't work on mobile devices yet. You can register your interest right here if you'd like to get involved!

Here's how it worked out between two sets of school-kids living many miles apart.

It's a controlled environment and edited by Skype but the potential for this technology is simply huge and the fact that you can access it as a member of the public already bodes well for what it will be able to do in the future.

So sign up and get speaking!

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