Skype Update Brings Changes to iOS


Skype Update Brings Changes to iOS

Skype version 5.7 is now here for iPhone users, adding some extra functionality.

The changes come after another round of customer feedback, with Skype saying in their blog post that they read each and every response and sort them by hand into different categories.

One major change which users have been asking for is a new way to handle images within a conversation thread. You can now press and hold on an image in a chat and choose whether to save it permanently to your phone or delete it entirely. The new version of the app is also said to load more quickly, especially when coming directly from a notification.

Skype also says that avatars for groups and people are more visible and more readily updated and they've upgraded the search functionality. And they want your feedback, you can head here to let them know what you think of the product.

Skype version 5.7 is available now on the Apple App store - you need iOS 7or higher to download it.

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